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Request the submission text for vistadoc here. The offer of the desired module size and construction time of the project is sufficient!


Priority in air and ground


... in flight

In principle we do not fly over people. The Federal Act (FOCA) to the use of UAV pilots policy dictates that we orientate our selves.

With the upgrade of the flight systems on the new autopilot AscTec Trinity in 2016 we add enormously to flight safety, as well as the precision of the maneuvers. Now Triple redundant drive system (maximum reliability), GPS flight, flight data recorder,several emergency modes u.v.m are highest success to easily still land even if an engine fails. Safety first: digital, dual data link, system checks (temperature, interference, sensor technology, with 1,000 correction commands per sec.).

The result - a stable and secure flight behavior even in strong winds.

Complex flight operationswe are beneficial for two in the deployment, pilot and cameramanSo we split the responsibilities and achieve optimal quality and flight safety. Where necessary, we obtain the necessary flight authorisations with the authorities and skyguide.

Where possible and appropriate, we are guided by the environment and authorities of aspiring flight movements beforehand, to prevent such misunderstandings!

... on the ground

Of corse we agree the relevant building and the re-entry of constructions according to to go to SUVA guidelines (protection devicesetc.) and each follow the rules onthe ground.


Liability insurance for damage to persons and to the amount of CHF 5 million is completed with a Swiss insurance company.


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