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VISTADOC 10 years - vistadoc - thanks for work together

The new visual monitoring tool for projects in the construction industry, landfill- and landscape area, as well as to the issues of quality controlling and occupational safety. BIM is in our pipeline and is to be based in 2018.

vistadoc captures all stages of construction progress, from groundbreaking through to project completion. The High-Performance-GPS-copter finds in every photoshoot exactly by waypoint navigation, accurately recordings the positions and the qualitative photos makes it great benefits to current and sustainable project evaluation.

The possibilities and conditions are applicable!

Pointedly interested ...

  • Construction photography, video, webcam – 24/7/365 online
  • Aerial photographs > big perimeter with excellent image quality
  • NEW interaktiv Panorama 360/180°   ROUND - QUICK - VISUAL
  • Time and cost-saving benefits
  • Increase in workflow and potential
  • Tool for marketing, promotion and reference purposes
  • Tool for quality controling and occupational safety
  • Monitoring for proof of warranty and their unwinding
  • Public version > project orientation to the public sector

vistadoc™ modules

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